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Huck Fin, Intro

hindi vocab words used in Huck Fin graphic novel

लेखक lekhuk author, writer
परिचय introduction, acquaintance, familiarization
सुविख्यात known, eminent, illustrious, renowned
साहित्य literature
जनक father, generator
माना जाना to be considered, believed, regarded
तथा tatha and
मशहूर famous, prominent, celebrated
उपन्यासों upnyason novels, books
सर्वश्रेष्ठ sarvashreshth best, finest
गिनी जाना gina jana to be counted, remain, considered
पले बढ़े pale barhe grew up
स्थान sthaan location, space, position, spot
रहने के स्थान rahane ke sthaan accommodation, place of stay, place of residence
प्रेरित prerit inspired, motivated
उपरोक्त uparokt the above, aforesaid
को निधारित किया to be determined, ascertained, scheduled
साधनों saadhanon instruments, means, tools, resources, sources
प्रयल prayal fight
रोज़गार rozagaar employment, job
पर साथ ही at the same
को अपनाने का to adopt, embrace, move to
सहायक के रूप में as an assistant to
इसी दौरान meanwhile isi dauraan
भाप steam, vapor bhaap
जहाज का चालक driver of the ship jahaaj ka chaalak
प्रेरित करना to induce, motivate, propel, stimulate prerit karna
वषों vashon years
विशाल vishaal large, huge, giant, enormous
सैर sair drive, trip, promenade
जोखिम jokhim risk
लाभप्रद laabhaprad lucrative, profitable
का पालन पोषण brought up, raised, nurtured, reared ko paalan poshan
उस दौर में in an era, in a time, at that hour
जबकि jabki while
के आरंभ होने पर आरंभ at the start of start, beginning ke aaranbh hone par
कड़े stringent, hard, strong, stiff, ardent kaDe
समर्थक supporter samarthak
मुक्ति discharge, release, emancipation, liberation mukti
प्रतिबंध लग जाना to be banned pratibandh
व्यापार trade, business vyaapaar
दिल से sincerely, from the heart, warmly dil se
हालांकि although haalanki
हास्य comedy, humor haasya
लेखन writing lekhan
कटु bitter, harsh kaTu
गंभीर critical, serious, grim ganbhir
निराशावादी pessimist niraashaavaadi
आघातों shocks, injuries aaghaaton
उभरने emerge, rise, onset abharane
मूल mul original
Created by: hindilamp