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DA Chapter 8

DA Chapter 8 FINAL

The softest tooth structure is the? Cementum
The vertical groove on the midline of the upper lip is called? Philtrum
A tooth emerging from the gums is called? Eruption
The structure of the tooth that covers the outside of the crown is called the? Enamel
Name the connective tissue that is formed by the fibroblast cells and secures the tooth into the socket by a number of organized fiber groups? Periodontal Ligaments (PDL)
The hardest living tissue in the body is? Enamel
Primary teeth may erupt with a covering over the enamel, called? Nasmyth's Membrane
What is softer than enamel but harder than cementum and bone? Dentin
________ tubules pass through the entire surface of the tooth. Dentinal
The most pronounced stained contour line, which occurs due to the trauma of birth, is? Neonatal Line
What is the function of the pulp? Nourishes and supports dentin
The pulp is partially made from ________, cells from which connective tissue evolves. Fibroblast
If the pulp is damaged due to an injury,the tissue may become inflamed, causing? Pulpitis
The ________ consists of portions of the tooth structure, supporting hard and soft dental tissues, and the alveolar bone. Periodontum
Name the characteristics of cementum... Softer than dentin and enamel, Lighter than dentin, Darker than enamel, Coarser. covers the root
The collagen fibers that act as anchors between the alveolar bone and teeth are called? Sharpey Fibers
The cells that remodel and resorb bone are called? Osteoclasts
On a dental radiograph, the radiopaque line, or ________ represents the thin, compact alveolus bone lining the socket. Lamina Dura
The periodontal ligament, like all connective tissue, is formed by ________ cells. Fibroblast
________ mucosa flows into the tissue of the cheeks, lips and floor of the mandible. Alveolor
What is signs of healthy gums or gingiva? Firm, Tight, Stippled, Pink
Free gingiva is also known as? Marginal
The mucogingival junction is the line of demarcation between the _______ gingiva and ________ mucosa. Attached, Aveolor
The space between the unattached gingiva and the tooth is the? Gingival Sulcus
In the floor of the gingival sulcus, athe ________ attachment attaches to the enamel surface of the teeth. Epithelial
In a healthy mouth, the gingival sulcus space would not exceed _____ millimeters in depth. 1-3
T/F Healthy gums have shiny slick surface. True
What gives some teeth their yellow tone? Cementum
What tissue gives sensory function? Pulp
At the________. two cortical bone plates come together between each tooth. Alveolar crest
Define Intertubular dentin... Found between the tubules
Define Circumpulpal dentin... Layer of dentin surrounding the pulp
Define Primary dentin... Forms the bulk of the tooth
Define secondary dentin... Forms after completion of the apical foramen
Define tertiary dentin... repairs and is reactive to irritation.