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DA Chapter 17

DA Chapter 17 Intro to the dental office FINAL

In which areas would a dental unit be located? The treatment room or operatory
When seating a dental patient, where does the dental assistant place the patient's personal items? Within sight of the patient
The ultrasonic would be located in which area? The sterilization area
The patient is in the supine position when... the nose and knees are at the same height
The front delivery systems are positioned... over the patients chest
The function of the rheostat is to... Control the speed of the hand pieces
The saliva ejector is used for what? Slow removal of saliva and fluid from the mouth
Describe a dental assistants chair must be adjustable, have a footrest and arm for support
Tungsten halogen, argon plasma arc and light emitting diodes are what? Curing lights
The light is raised and the beam is directed downward when working on the... mandibular teeth
T/F....the sterilization area of the dental office should be near the treatment room True
T/F....Dental treatment rooms are also called operatories True
T/F....A recline position with the nose and knees on the same plane may be called a supine position True
The decor of which room should be changed as often as needed to keep the atmosphere friendly and positive for patients as they enter the dental office? The reception area
The dental business office may include what? Appointment schedules, Filing systems, patient charts, toothbrushing center and a computer
The assistant should arrive early to open the office and prepare for the day's schedule. What should she do? check schedules, sterilize and prepare the office for the day
The________should be well ventilated because of chemical fumes and exhaust from equipment. The sterilization area
Dental stools for staff should be made available that provide and meet what needs? Must be comfortable and provide good support
One characteristic of good assistant position would be? Positioned 4-6 inches above the operator
The special needs patient is described as... anyone who needs special care...pregnant, elderly, handicapped, vision or hearing impaired
The sterilization area should accomplish and provide what? Sink, good ventilation, an ultrasonic and sterilizer
The reception room is to be kept tidy by the dental staff, what tasks are required to maintain this look? Must be cleaned, have current decor and updated reading material
In the dental office design plan, this room must provide occupational safety from ionizing radiation The x-ray room
In selecting a dental unit,________is not considered one of the basic modes of delivery. The mobile cart
The assistants cart is usually set up with instumentation except for________ The 3 dental handpieces
The air water syringe provides what.... air, water and air/water spray
The ultrasonic unit is used to remove______ hard deposits
Classification of motion I is... finger movement
Classification of motion II is... Fingers and wrist
Classification of motion III is... Fingers, wrist and elbow
Classification of motion IV is... entire arm and shoulder
Classification of motion V is... movement of the arm and twisting of the body
In the activity zone, name the 4 zones Static, assistant, Transfer and operator
What are the clock #s for the static zone? 12-2
What are the clock #s for the operators zone? 7-12
What are the clock #s for the transfer zone? 4-7
What are the clock #s for the assistants zone? 2-4