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DA chapter 12

Management of hazardous materials

How long must an employer maintain employee records on exposures and other medical records? duration of employment plus 30
in the documentation of an exposure incident, the report must be placed where? An employee's confidential medical records
OPIM stands for Other potentially infectious materials
the color red on a warning lable indicates what hazard? fire hazard
replacing a cap on a needle should be done using A. one handed scoop B. a needle gaurd C.two handed method D. both A and B D both A and B
if an employer has 8 employees and an exposure occurs the employer is required to complete A. OSHA form 101 B. OSHA form 200 C. No forms because office only has 8 employees D.OSHA forms 101 and 200 C No forms
The scope of OSHA's standards include 1. Employee training 2. infection control 3. labeling 4. disposal of biohazardous waste 5.type and color of PPEs employees eyewaer All but # 5 color and type
T/F A bodily fluid that does not contain blood is not considered an OPIM False
T/F The employee is not requiered to give consent to be tested if an exposure incident occurs True
T/F All dental assisting students fall under OSHA guidelines because they are working in a dental office False
T/F after the training of identification of hazardous chemicals a certificate is issued to each employee or is placed in his or her personal file to document training True
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