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DA chapter 16

Emergency Management

Which type of Diabetes is normally diagnosed in obese,middle aged people? type 2
Syncope can be prevented if the dental assistant is aware of a patients apprehension and observes the patients Symptons and Signs
The treatment for a person having an allergy attack is often a(n). Antihistamine
Placement of a ___ is indicated to treat a dry socket. Medicated iodoform strip
Another name for a heart attack is? Myocardial infraction
To assist a person who is hyperventilating instruct the patient to breathe into a paper bag or into cupped hands
The most common type of epileptic seizure is the Grand mal
During a grand mal seizure, which of the following are true? 1. patient is conscios 2. patient has vacent stare 3.seizure lasts 2-5 minutes 4. patient stiffens and jerks 5. patient recalls the seizure lasts 2-5 minutes patient jerks and stiffens
Too little sugar or glucose causes a person to experience Hypoglycemia
Alveolitis is Dry socket
A blood clot in the blood supply to the brain is a cerebal Embolism
common allergens responsible for asthma are 1. dust 2. pollen 3. feathers 4. foods 5. animal fur all of the above
Dilantin, a drug used to treat epilepsy,causes overgrowth of gingival tissue
An avulsed tooth is a tooth that has been knocked out whole
The method of choice for delivering the asthma drug is inhaler
the drug of choice to treat epilepsy is Dilantin
Before a patient faints the patient may complain of all symptons except 1. weakness 2.dizziness 3.excitement 4.nausea excitement
T/F Alkalosis is a result of an increase of carbon dioxide in the blood false
T/F If a patient becomes unconscios from fainting,asprin should be placed under the patients tongue false
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