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Ch 61 communication

communication in the dental office

a buisness machine that can make duplicates from an original copier
a buisness machine that is attached to a phone line that transmits hard copy written messages ( handwritten or typed ) fax machine
the health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 HIPPA
The collection of actions performed by human beings who have been influenced by a person's culture, attitudes, emotions, values,ethics,and authority human behavior
the part of a letter ( or printed stationary )that contains the name and address of the person sending the letter. letterhead
a way of advertising or recruiting people to a buisness marketing
type of communication in which body language is used as a form of expression nonverbal communication
a part of the letter that contains the introductory greeting salutation
the process through which society influences individuals socialization
type of communication in which words are used as a form of expression verbal communication
a computer program designed to create most types of buisness documents word processing software
who is it that said our purpose in life is to control our instincts and the power of these thoughts Sigmund freud
what is seen when a person conforms to the general behavior of a group of peers in an attempt to feel more acceptable within that group peer pressure
what is good to have on hand if no one in the dental office speaks another language other than englis multiple-language dictionary
What two parts in every message must coincide in time statement proper and explanation
instead of using the word pain you could use discomfort
closed ended questions are ones that can be answered with what yes or no
what questions will often begin with the words is, do , has, have, can or will closed ended
what questions will often begin with the words what, when, how, who, where or which. open ended
what percent of spoken words are never heard 90
What is a stress cause in the dental office short staffed
you can reduce stress by taking time for yourself
patients base their perceptions about a practice on how they are treated
For many patients it is the ______of pain that causes the greatest distress expectation
what fears are based on hearing stories or seeing dental care depicted in the movies subjective
who especially has fear of the unknown children
what learned fear is related to the patient's experiences and his or her own memories of the experiences objective fears
Never _____ to a patient lie
what can be a major obstacle to a patient accepting dental treatment cost
patients expect the value of their time to be respected and not wated by what unnecessary waiting
by keeping a patient wating in the dental office what message is being sent to the patient they arent important
what percent of patients who are unhappy with the practice never say so , they simply leave the practice 95
_____ it shows in your voice smile
_______ can help you I
Created by: cynthia.fryer
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