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Chapter 46 imp


An impression is a ______ reproduction of teeth and surrounding oral tissues negative
The model created from an impression is a _______ reproduction of the structures positive
Final impressions are taken by the dentist
An impression tray should be sufficiently deep to allow ___ mm of material between the tray and the incisal/occlusal edges of the teeth 2 - 3 mm
The irreversible hydrocolloid material used most widely for preliminary impressions is alginate
most alginate impressions must be poured within ______ so that distortion does not occur 1 hour
if an alginate impression is stored in water or in a soaked paper towel, the alginate will absorb the additional water and expand. This property is called_______ imbibition
A ____ tray covers half of a dental arch quadrant
The length or depth of the alginate impression tray borders can be extended by adding ____ to the tray utility wax
Elastomeric impression materials are mixed by using ____ a paper pad and spatula or an automix system
What type of tray allows the material to lock on mechanically perforated
What is the organic substance of hydrocolloid material seaweed
what type of wax is most commonly used for bite registration baseplate wax
T/F : hydro means air F
T/F : a dental assistant is allowed to take a preliminary impression T
T/F : during the prep the dentist applies the light bodied material to the tooth, while the assistant would dispense heavy body in the tray T
T/F Another term for polysulfide is rubber base T
Y/N : is agar derived from seaweed Y
Y/N : does extrude mean to push or force out Y
Y/N : You would use fast set alginate for a gagger Y
What does imbibition mean absorption of water causing object to swell
name the 3 classifications of impressions preliminary, final and bite registration
Name at lest two types of elastomreic materials Polysulfide, polyether, silicone and polisiloxane
What is the purpose of a wax bite registration to show the occlusal relationship of the teeth
Is an impression , a negative or positive reproduction negative
what is the water to powder ratio for taking a maxillary alginate impression 3:3
In what three ways are elastomeric materials supplied pastes, cartridges and putty
how is light bodied impression material placed around the tooth with a syringe
what is a better way to say "packing the cord" placing the string
Created by: cynthia.fryer
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