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Intro to Infection

what is flora? organisms that routinely colonize appropriate surfaces without causing disease. Indigenous microflora are organisms which routinely colonize appropriate
What is a pathogen? Pathogen - an organism able to cause disease in a host
Why would a microorganism cause symptomatic disease? • Damaged host cells release substances used by pathogen in reproduction • Directly assists in spread of pathogen progeny • Coincidence
What is an epidemic Epidemic - a sudden increase in the number of cases of a disease, typically in a larger area
What is an outbreak? Outbreak - a sudden increase in the number of cases of a disease in a small, defined area
What is an endemic? Endemic - characteristic of a disease that exists continually at some level in an area
What is a pandemic? Pandemic - a disease outbreak affecting a high percentage of people over most of the globe
What is an endogenous source? Endogenous source - from within the body
Exogenous source Exogenous source - from outside the body
What is nosocomial? Nosocomial infection- an infection acquired while visiting a hospital/health care facility
What is iatrogenic? Iatrogenic infection- an infection introduced by a medical treatment
What is an opportunistic pathogen? Opportunistic pathogen - a normally non-pathogenic microorganism which causes disease typically in an immunocompromised patient
What determines whether an encounter with a pathogen causes clinical disease? age of the host, genetics of the host, genetics of the organism, route of exposure, microbial load
What is acute course of infection? short term and can treat with antimicrobials
what is chronic/persistent course of infection? you never get rid of the organism, and have persistent infection
What is latent? it goes away and comes back up
persistent slow infection following acute
persistent slow infection no acute
features of a host-parasite relationship that work from the pathogens point of view Pathogen benefits from a large and or transient population Pathogen may benefit from a basically unaffected host
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