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Japanese Words 2

My japanese words

After ato
Again mata
All subete
Almost hotondo
Also Mo
Always itsumo
And ya
Because nazenaraba
be da!
After ato,go
Again mata, futatabi
All subete,zenbu
Almost hotondo
Also mo
Always itsumo
And so^shite,ya, ka
Because nazenaraba
Before mae, mae ni
Big okii
But shikashi,ga,keredomo,kedo
(I) can (watakushi wa)dekiru
(I) come (watakushi wa) kuru
Either/or dochira ka
(I) find mitsukeru
First saisho
For no tame ni
Friend tomodachi, yu^jin
From kara
(I) go iku
Good yoi, ii
Good bye
Happy(happiness) shiawase
(I) have (watakushi wa) motsu
He kare
Hello konnichiwa (lit. good afternoon)
Here koko
How do^ yatte
I watakushi,ware(old style), ore(male), boku(young male), washi(old man), watashi(female)
(I) am iru(to exist)
If moshi
In naka ni
(I) know shitte iru
Last saigo^
(I) like suki
a little , sukoshi, chikotto
(I) love ai suru
(I) make tsukuru
Many takusan
One hitotsu
More motto
Most mottomo
Much takusan, ippai
My watakushi no, etc.
New atarashii
No iie, chigau
Not dewa nai
Now ima
Of no
Sometimes toki doki
On ue
One ippon, ichidai,
Only dake
Or ka
Other hoka no
Our watakushi tachi no
Out soto
Over owari
People hitobito
Place tokoro, bashou
Please o negai shimasu, kudasai
Same onaji
(I) see, to see miru, (naruhodo)
She kanojo
So so
Some ikutsuka no
Sometimes, occasionally tama ni, toki doki
Still shizuka na
Such so no yo^ na
(I) tell iu, tsutaeru
Thank you domo arigatou gozaimasu
That sore
The no equivalent
Their karera no
Them karera
Then sore kara
There is aru
They karera
Thing nanika,
(I)think so^ omou
This kore
Time jikan, toki
To ni
Under shita
Up ue
Us watakushi tachi, etc.
(I) use tsukau
Very tottemo
We watakushi tachi
What nani
When itsu
Where doko
Which dore
Who dare
Why naze
With to, to tomo ni
Yes hai
You anata
Your anata no
animals dobutsu
pet petto
puppy koinu
wolf akami
wow sagoi
incredible sagoinay
Created by: 100002378737005



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