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medical terms

pre before, in front of
tri three
epi above, upon , on
cyan blue
leuko white
-algia pain; painful position
-ectomy surgical removal, cutting out
-itis inflammation
-scopy visual examination
-necrosis tissue death
-plasty surgical repair
-osis abnormal condition
-stenosis abnormal narrowing
-malacia abnormal softening
-rrhexis rupture
liver hepat/o
gland aden/o
cell cyt/o
movement kines/o , kinesi/o
heart cardi/o , card/o
artery arteri/o
blood vessels hemangi/o , angi/o
capillaries capill/o
veins phleb/o , pneumon/o
fat ather/o
blue cyan/o
lower part of the body caud/o
abdomen abdomin/o
joint arthr/o
muscle my/o
distal situated farthest from the midline
lateral toward of nearer the side and away from the midline
medial toward or nearer the midline
proximal nearest the midline
coronal plane divides the body into anterior and posterior
horizontal plane divides body into upper and lower portions
sagital plane divides body into unequal left and right portions
transverse plane upper and lower portions of body
caudal lower part of the body
cephalic toward the head
posterior in the back
anterior in the front
frontal plane divides body into front and back portions
midsagittal plane divides body from top to bottom into equal left and right portions
abduction away from midline
adduction toward the midline
elevation raises body part
extension increases an angle as in straightening a joint
circumduction turns at the far end
flexion decreases an angle as in bending a joint
supination turns palm upward or forward
pronation turns palm downward or backward
epigastric located above the stomach
hypogastric located below the stomach
peritoneum membrane that protects and supports organs in abdominal cavity
hemophilia bleeding disorder where your blood doesn't clot
adenosis any disease condition of a gland
peritonitis inflammation of the peritoneum
kyphosis humpback
lordosis swayback
scoliosis abnormal lateral curvature of the spine
comminuted fracture bone is splintered or crushed
open fracture bone is broken and there is an open wound
compression fracture bones are pressed together
radiography use of x-rays to expose a film that shows the body in profile
leukocytes aka white blood cells - fight of invaders
influenza flu
pertussis whooping cough
brochospasm contraction of the walls of the broch
hemothorax accumulation of blood in pleural cavity
oseoporosis loss of bone density and increas of bone porosity
paraplegia both legs and lower part of body are paralyzed
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