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Dental Terminology 2

Decay To rot.
Deciduous (teeth) The temporary teeth which are to be replaced later by the permanent dentition.
Dental Relating to the teeth.
Dentifrice A preparation, in the form of powder, paste, or liquid, used as an aid in cleaning the teeth.
Dentin A structure, ressembling bone, of which the greatest bulk of a tooth os formed. (Bulk of the tooth structure whichi is under the enamel).
Dentistry The profession and science dealing with the treatment of diseases and injuries to the teeth and oral tissue.
Dentition The kind, size, and arrangement of teeth.
Denture A set of natural or artificial teeth either complete or partial.
Denture, Full A complete set of teeth either upper or lower; usually referring to articifial teeth.
Denture, Partial A restoration with fewer teeth than a full denture.
Deposit In Dentistry, a sediment, either hard or soft, adhering to the surfaces of a tooth.
Diagnose To recognize a disease and distinguish one disease from another.
Distal More distant from the median line; combining form is disto- (as disto-buccal)--opposite to mesial.
Enamel Dense, tissue, which covers and protects the crown of a tooth.
Eruption (of teeth) The act of a tooth pushing its way through the alveolus and gums.
Ethics - Moral Science The fundamental principles of proper action and human duty.
Explorer A fine-pointed instrument used in examining teeth.
Exposure In X-Ray, amount of time for X-Ray to penetrate the film.
Extra-oral Outside the mouth (opposite of intra-oral).
Extrude To force or push out. Extruded tooth- one which has forced itself a distance out of its socket.
Eye-tooth A common misnomer for either of the upper cuspid teeth.
Face The anterior part of the head, consisting of that area situated between the forehead and chin vertically and from ear to ear laterally.
Fever Sore (Cold Sore) An eruption on the lip. Herpes labialis.
Film (X-Ray) A sensitized piece of celluloid used in taking X-Rays.
Film Mount A device for holding X-Ray films for viewing.
Film Rack A metal frame with clips to hold x-ray films during processing.
Fissure A groove in the enamel of a tooth.
Floss (Dental) Waxed thread or tape used for cleaning the proximal surfaces of the teeth.
Flux A substance that promotes the welding of metals.
Foramen An opening in a bone for the passage of nerves, blood vessels, etc.
Frenum (Fraenum) A small band of tissue which limits or checks movement.
Frontal Pertaining to the forehead.
Full Denture A dental appliance restoring all the teeth in a jaw; often incorrectly called a dental plate (opposite-partial denture)
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