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Dental Terminology 1

Alginate A powder which is mixed with water to produce an elastic impression material for use in the mouth.
Arch In Dentistry, the bow-like shape formed by the masticating surfaces of the teeth.
Armamentarium The instruments, appliances, etc., used in the practice of a porfession.
Articulate In Dentistry, to place teeth in their proper relation to one another.
Balanced Occlusion The correct relationship of the biting and grinding surfaces of the teeth of the upper and lower jaws while in contact.
Band In Dentistry, a metal ring encircling a tooth; often erroneously used to signify a clasp.
Bilateral Pertaining to both sides.
Bite In Dentistry, the relationship of the upper and lower jaw.
Bite-taking Causing the patient to close the teeth on a piece of wax, modeling compound, or plaster, making imprints of the teeth for the purpose of articulating models of the jaw.
Buccal Pertaining to, or in the direction of the cheek.
Bur A drill; a cutting instrument used in Dentistry.
Burnish To make shiny and smooth.
Burnisher An instrument for smoothing and shining dental fillings, restorations, etc.
Calcification Deposition of calcium salts.
Calcify To make hard by depostiting calcuim salts.
Canal A narrow, tubular channel or passage.
Canine (Tooth) A commonly used term to designate the cuspid, because of its fang-like appearance.
Caries Dental decay; disintegration of the dental structures.
Cartilage Tough, elastic connectieve tissue.
Cassette A roentgenographic (X-Ray) film or plate holder.
Cavity In Dentistry, a hollow space or hole in a tooth.
Cement Literally, a substance which causes objects to adhere firmly. In Dentistry, a substance used as a filling material or to cause inlays, etc., to adhere to the teeth.
Cementum A bone-like structure which covers the roots of the teeth.
Central (Tooth) The incisor tooth next to the median line (left to right).
Cleft Plate A congenital fissure of the roof of the mouth.
Concave Hollowand rounded, curved inward (opposite of convex).
Condyle The rounded head of a bone at the point where it articulates with another bone, forming a joint.
Contact (point) In Dentistry, the place where the proximal surfaces of two teeth or fillings touch.
Contour The rounded external surfaces of a body part.
Convex Curved on the outside or external surface (opposite of concave).
Crown (of a tooth) That portion of a tooth extending above the gum line covered by dental enamel.
Cusp A projection on the biting surface of a tooth.
Cuspid (Canine Tooth) The third tooth from the median line, having one cusp.
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