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28 oral diagnosis

chapter 28 oral diagnosis and treatment planning

A patient will seek dental care for what reasons? as a new patient,if they have a tooth ache, for consultation and as a returning patient
At what point is the patient given an informed consent form to sign when the patient makes teh decision and accepts a treatment plan and makes financial arrangements
Blacks classification is used for what is used to describe the location of decay and the best method for restoring the tooth
detection act or process of discovering tooth imperfections
each treatment plan includes what a description of the proposed treatment and an estimate of the fee involved
extraoral outside the oral cavity
furcation area between two or more root branches
how do you chart a missing tooth draw a X through the tooth
How is a composite ( tooth colored ) restoration charted outlined
How is an amalgam ( silver filling )restoration charted colored in
how long of an appointment does it take to review a treatment plan 30 min to 1 hr
how should the dentist present the information on the treatment plan to the patient in terms that the patient can understand
intraoral within the oral cavity
mobility to have movement
morphology branch of biology that deals with form and structure
palpation examination technique in which the examiner uses his or her fingers and hands to feel for texture, suze and consisency of hard and soft tissue
probing use of a slender, flexible insturment to explore and measure the periodontal pocket
radiographs have become an indispensable tool for identifying what decay , defective restorations, periodontal conditions,pathology,developmental conditions and other abnormalities
restoration the use of dental material to restore a tooth or teeth to a functional permanent unit
sound dental care begins with what a thorough examination of the head neck and oral cavity
specific examination areas include soft tissue tooth structure, restorations and missing teeth
symmetric balanced or even on both sides
the palpation technique is especially useful for detecting what extraoral swelling and is the primary way of detecting swollen lymph glands
the soft tissue exam involves examination of what cheeks,mucosa, lips, lingual and facial alveolar bone, palate,tonsil area,tongue and floor of the mouth
what are some things that the intraoral camera can provide the dentist with what magnification ,easier access,can photo copy image,case presentation,medical and legal documentation
what doesn "normal"soft tissue look like light pink and uniform in color with no indications of swelling
what does buccal mean in relation to tooth charting the cheek side of the tooth
what does distal mean in relation to tooth charting surface farthest away from the midline in between the teeth
what does facial mean in realtion to tooth charting surface on the front part of the anterior teeth
what does incisal mean in relation to tooth charting biting surface of anterior teeth
what does lingual mean in relation to tooth charting on the inside of the teeth toward the tongue
what does mesial mean in relation to tooth charting surface closest to the midline in between the teeth
what does occlusal mean in relation to tooth charting biting surface of posterior teeth
what does the abbreviation B mean when describing a tooth surface buccal
what does the abbreviation D mean when describing a tooth surface distal
what does the abbreviation F mean when describing a tooth surface facial
what does the abbreviation I mean when describing a tooth surface incisal
what does the abbreviation L mean when describing a tooth surface lingual
what does the abbreviation M mean when describing a tooth surface mesial
what does the abbreviation o mean when describing a tooth surface occlusal
what equipment is needed for charting of teeth mouth mirror, explorer, cotton pliers, periodontal probe,2x2's,dental floss, articulating paper and holder,air-water syringe, colored pencils or pens, clinical exam form
what is level I: emergency care plan relieves immediate discomfort and provides relief to the patient
what is level II : standard care plan: resotres the dentition to normal function
what is level III: optimum care plan : restores the dentition to maximum function and an esthetically pleasing result
what tooth numbering system assigns a two digit number to each tooth, the first number is the quadrant and the second number is the tooth international standards organization system
what tooth numbering system begins with the maxillary right third molar and concludes at the mandibular right third molar universal numbering system
what tooth numbering system uses a bracket to designate the four quadrants of the mouth palmer notation system
what visual aids might be included in the appointment for reviewing a treatment plan before and after photographs, diagnostic casts of similar cases, models of proposed appliances such as dentures crowns implants ect
when charting red symbols represents what indicates treatment to be done
when charting blue or black symbols represents what indicates treatment already completed
when recordign periodontal measurements at what point do you switch red pen for any measurements over 3mm
who uses the periodontal probe dentist or hygienist
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