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Chapter 25 Ergonomic

Ergonomics in the dental office

pain associated with continued flexion and extension of the wrist Carpal tunnel syndrome
Painful conditions that result from ongoing stresses to muscles, tendons,nerves and joints cumalative trauma disorders
to help people stay healthy while performing their work more effectively the goal of ergonomics
reach created when the upper arm is fully extended maximum horizontal reach
reach created by a vertical sweep of the forearm while the elbow is kept at a midtorso level maximum vertical reach
painful conditions that affect both muscles and bones, such as neck or back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome musculoskeletal disorders
position when the body is properly aligned and the distribution of weight throughout the spine is equal neutral position
reach created by a sweep of the forearm with the upper arm held at the side normal horizontal reach
injuries caused by sudden twisting or wrenching of a joing with stretching or tearing of ligaments sprains
injuries caused by extreme stretching of muscles or ligaments strains
fleshy mound on the palm at the base of the thumb thenar eminence
work related symptoms range from back,joint,neck,shoulder, hand and wrist pain and headaches
if you ignore the early symptoms of pain and stiffness what may develop chronic disease
frequent reaching,twisting,and working with the arms in awkward positions can cause what strains and sprains
repetitive motion,overflexion, and overextension of the wrist can significantly increase the risk for what cumulative trauma disorders
with improper motion,the tendons swell and exert pressure on what nerve median
repetitive and forceful motion can lead to what carpal tunnel syndrome
what is the first symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome painful tingling in one or both hands that occurs at night
what other repetitive hand and wrist movements can also cause CTS kniting, gardening,using a keyboard
who may be more prone to CTS pregnant women, taking oral contraceptives, pms,or rheumatoid arthritis
what does ambidextrous glove mean can wear on both right and left hands
the use of ambidextrous gloves may put excessive tension on thenar eminence
what is one of the most important factors in prevention of CTS Frequently resting the hands
to relieve eyestrain how long should you look up from your task and focus on something else 20 seconds
to relieve stress on the back,neck and shoulders what should you perform full back release
shoulder shrugging can be used to stretch the shoulder muscles which may be stressed from holding what oral evacuators,instruments,and telephone handsets
Created by: cynthia.fryer