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Stack #62774

The Hobbit Chapter 1-9 Vocabulary Definitions

VISAGES facial expressions
OVERCAST clouds; dark, gloomy
ADZES ax like tool used for shaping wood
ARMOR covering worn as defense against weapons
SWUNG caused to move in different directions
RIDGE a chain of hills or mountains
INTERWOVEN to weave together, close
ROBED clothed with a robe
CLOVEN split or divide by a cutting blow
SHOVED forced along by a push from behind
WAISTCOAT like a vest, an article of clothing worn riding
EFFECTS personal property (ex. weapons)
JEST joke or witty mark
WHOLESOME healthy or sound
GLADES open space in a forest
BADE to have bid or expressed
ADJOINING being in contact at some point or line
BURGLING to break into and steal from
WAYLAID to come across and attack
VENERABLE giving respect because of age
PERILS dangers
GLIMMER faint/unsteady light
NIMBLE quick in movement, with ease
ASTRIDE on both sides of
DREARY dull,sad
MOORED secure
SCONE like a biscuit
LARDER pantry
FLUMMOXED confused
VIOL a bowed instrument, similar to a violin, but not the same
HOVER suspend in the air
FELL to drop suddenly
HOARD a supply that is hidden for future use
WROUGHT effort to accomplish something
HILT handle of a weapon or tool
DUNGEONS chamber to confine prisoners
CAVERN cave, mostly underground
GOBLET drinking glass with a foot and stem
DELVE to dig
DALE broad valley
CONSPIRATOR person who plots
AUDACIOUS extremely bold and daring
INGENIOUS charaterized by cleverness and resoursefullness
ESTIMABLE worthy of esteem
PARCHMENT document on a material
OBSTINATE sticking to one's opinion
PRUDENT careful in providing for the future
REVERENCE gesture of deep respect
APPRENTICE one who words for a master to learn a trade
SINGED burnt
GRIM fierce, cruel
HEIR inheirits property
CANNY cautious
CAVALCADE processions of people riding horses
THROTTLE choke or suffocate
ROW arranged in a line
MUTTON flesh of sheep
INCANTATIONS recital of verbal charms for a magical effect
PROVISIONS providing or supplying food
SCANTY not adequate
ALE beer
EMBER smoldering remains of a fire
REPLENISHING adding stock or supply
DAGGER short, sword-like weapon
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