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Plants & Photosyn.


Energy that fuels life comes from here The sun
Plants capturing light energy from the sun and using the energy to make food is called..... Photosynthesis
This is the food produced by plants Glucose (sugar)
Glucose is a type of _____ Sugar
Organisms, such as plants, that make their own food are called______ Producers
When glucose is broken down, with the use of oxygen, its energy can be changed into a form that we can use. This is called____ Cellular Respiration
This is the food from photosynthesis that becomes a source of energy for consumers. Glucose (sugar)
An organism that does not make its own food, and eats other organisms for energy. Consumer
Plants grow towards the light. This is called: Phototropism
Plant roots will grow in the direction of gravity. This is called: Geotropism (or gravitropism)
Plants respond to touch, and will curl around supports. This is called: Thigmotropism
Temperature is measured by what instrument? Thermometer
Sunlight intensity is measured by what instrument? Light meter
Humidity is measured by what instrument? hygrometer
What are three major characteristics of PLANT cells which are different from animal cells. Plant cells: large vacuole for water storage, chloroplasts, and hard outer cell wall for structure and strength
The ORGANS of a plant Roots, Stems, Leaves
The underground organ in plants that absorb water and minerals and anchors the plant into the ground. Roots
The supporting structure that carries water and nutrients between roots and leaves Stems
Main site for photosynthesis in plants Leaves
Vascular tissue that carries water UP from roots to plant parts Xylem
Vascular tissue that transports nutrients and sugars DOWN produced by photosynthesis. Phloem
The SEED BEARING female organ of the plant Pistil
The male part of the flower Stamen
The male gametophyte (sperm) Pollen
What THREE things do plants need for photosynthesis? Carbon Dioxide, Water, Light
What TWO things do plants make in photosynthesis? Glucose (sugar) and oxygen
Openings on the bottom of leaves that take in CO2, and let out O2 Stomata
Plant cells SWELL UP and become rigid to store water. This is called: Turgor Pressure
Why do plants wilt? Lack of water in cells. No turgor pressure.
The evaporation of water through the stoma (holes) in plants Transpiration
When a seed begins to 'sprout', and grow roots and exert force into soil. Germination
Period when a plant's life is temporarily stopped to conserve energy Dormancy
Air pressure is measured with what instrument? Barometer
What is the element of life? Once living and living things are chiefly made of this! Carbon
The pushing of the root into the ground in germination is like a simple machine. Which one would it be? Wedge
An example of plant tissue Zylem
A plant that doesn't have enough turgor pressure will: Wilt
The structure in the leaf where photosynthesis takes place Chloroplast
The green pigment in chloroplasts that traps sunlight Chlorophyll
Pigment is a: Color
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