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Miss Durie's Roots and Bases

Act To do, drive
Alt High
Ann, Enn Year
Aqua Water
Aster, Astro Star
Aud To hear
Biblio, Bibli Book
Bio Life
Cede To go, yield
Cent 100
Chrono Time
Circ, Circum Around
Cred To believe, trust
Dem People
Dent Tooth
Dic, Dict To say, speak, or assert
Fin End, limit
Gen Race, family, kind
Geo Earth
Graph, gram To write, draw, record
Hab To have, hold, or dwell
Hydro Water
Med, Medi Middle
Jur, Jus, Judic Law, right, judgment
Leg Law
Loc Place
Logue, Logo Idea, word, speech, reason
Hypo Under, below
Meter, Metr To measure
Mov, Mob, Mot To move
Mono One
Morph Form
Noc, Nox Night
Micro Small
Phon Sound, voice
Photo Light
Pyr Fire
Petr Rock
Ped Foot
Peri Around
Port To carry
Sign Mark
Sci To know
Scope To see
Spec, spect To see, look at, behold
Scrib, script To write
Syn, sym Together
Techn Art, skill
Temp Time
Therm Heat
Dur Hard, lasting
Tract To pull, draw
Vis, Vid To see, look
Volve To roll
Created by: TargetHillary