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Digestive System

Seventh Grade Science

What do we call the group of organs that work together to digest food so it can be used by the body? The Digestive System
What type of digestion involves the breaking, crushing and mashing of food? mechanical
Where does digestion begin? the mouth
In this type of digestion, large molecules are broken down into nutrients by enzymes: chemical
Into what important molecules, do enzymes break down proteins? amino acids
What begins to break down in the mouth? carbohydrates
What is the muscular tube food moves down between the mouth and the stomach? esophagus
What is the muscular, bag-like organ where food is squeezed and mixed with enzymes that break it down? Stomach
Food moves from the stomach into the: small intestine
The acid in the stomach helps kill the _______ in food bacteria
What enzyme begins to break down carbohydrates in your mouth? amylase
How long is the small intestine? about 6 meters long
The inside of this organ is covered with small finger-like projections. small intestine
Where are most nutrients absorbed in the digestive process? small intestine
What do we call the small, finger-like projections that increase surface area in the small intestine? villi
About how long is the large intestine? 1.5 meters
What is reabsorbed in the large intestine? most of the water
What do we call the material formed from indigestible material such as cellulose from grains, fruits and vegetables? fecal material
What is the last section of the large intestine? rectum
Where is fecal material stored until it passes out of the anus? rectum
What back-flows from the stomach, causing heartburn? chyme
What stomach disorder can be caused by eating too much spicy food just before bedtime? Heartburn
What digestive disorder can occur when the body does not get enough water, fiber, or exercise? constipation
Constipation occurs when bowel movements become this: dry and less frequent
What do the villi do in the small intestine? increase surface area for absorbing nutrients
Created by: judi829