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Comp 2.0

Composition 2

One Type of fictional liturature Prose
One Type of fictional liturature Poetry
One Type of fictional liturature Drama
Elements of short stories Setting
Elements of short stories Plot
Plot chart includes: Intro rising action Climax falling action conclution
Characters Include Round characters
Characters Include Flat Characters
Characters Include Antagonist
Characters Include Protagonist
Types of Conflict Internal Conflict
Types of Conflict External Conflict
Types of Conflict Man vs. Man (fighting/ phyisical)
Types of Conflict Man vs. Circumstance
Types of Conflict Man vs. Society
Types of Conflict Man vs. Himself
Characterization how the author developes the character in the story by way of the authors description
Point of View Perspective: First Person- I Second Person-he and i did x,y or x... Third person (omniscient)- God's Eye View Third person (limited)- focuses on one person.
Theme central or controling idea
Foreshadowing context clues
Parody imitation
Caricature Drawing
Types of Irony: Situational Irony
Types of Irony: Verbal Irony
Hyperbole exaggeration
Understatement Pretty self-explanitory
Types of Poetry:Epic Long poem, heroic figures, like a story
Types of Poetry:Ode Long eleaborate poem on one topic
Types of Poetry:Elegy A poem about death
Types of Poetry:Ballad Has a refrain of chorus
Types of Poetry: Free Verse Lack of controlling format
Types of Sounds:Alliteration when the first sound is repeated
Types of Sounds: Assonance the repition of a vowel sound
Types of Sounds: Consonance the repition of a consonant sound
Onomatopea Sounds like the word's meaning. Example: Buzz, Hiss, bang!
Types of Figuretive Language:Pun A play on words
Types of Sounds:Enjambment the running on of the thought from one line, couplet, or stanza to the next without a syntactical break.
Types of Drama: Tradgedy And....
Types of Drama: Comedy
Types of Comedy: High and Low comedy
Soliloquiy: chacter talks to itself
monologs a long speech by one person
aside where the audience can hear but oone individual cannot
poetic justice carma... characters get whats coming to them
Created by: mr.vonlipich