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Advisory agencies

POS 208: Comply with OSHA Regulations in respect to dental occupations

American Dental Assistants Association the professional organization for dental assistants
American Dental Association The professional organization for dentists
AMerican Dental Hygienists Association The professional organization for dental hygienist
Centers for disease control and prevention federal agency that is nonregulatory and issues recommendations on health and safety
environmental protection agency federal regulatory agency whose responsibility it is protect and restore the environment and public health through environmental laws
food and drug administration federal regulatory agency that regulates food, drugs, medical devices, animal feed and drugs cosmetics, and radiation emitting products
National Institute for occupational safety and health federal agency that is nonregulatory and provides natinal worldwide leadership to prevent work related illness and injuries
National institutes of health one of the worlds foremost research centers
Occupational safety and health administration federal regulatory agency whose mission is to ensure the safety and health of americas workers by setting and enforcing standards
organization for safety and asepsis procedures the premier infection control educational organization in dentistry
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