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once WUPBS (wuns)
at once TWUPBS (twuns)
around ARPBD (arnd)
children KHEURPB (chi-rn)
between TWAOEPB (tween)
between the TWAOEPBT (tweent)
at any time T-PBT (t-n-t)
opinion P-PB (p-n)
in my opinion TPHAOEUP (nipe)
in your opinion TPHURP (nurp) with a U
in order TPHORD (nord)
in other words TPHORDZ (nordz) with a Z
in your own words TPHURPBDZ (nurn-dz) with a U and a Z
nobody TPHOB (nob)
nobody else TPHOBLS (nob-ls)
no one TPH-PB (n-n)
no one else TPH-PBLS (n-n-ls)
ever *FR (v-r)
every *EFR (ev-r)
everybody *EFRB (ev-r-b)
everyone *EFRPB (ev-r-n)
everyone else *EFRPBLS (evern-ls)
any TPHEU (ni)
anyone TPHEUPB (nin)
anyone else TPHEUPBLS (nin-ls)
anybody TPHEUB (nib)
anybody else TPHEUBLS (nib-ls)
anything TPHEUG (nig)
anything else TPHEULGS (nig-ls)
nonetheless TPHUPBLS (nun-ls)
nevertheless TPH*EFRLS (nev-r-ls)
nearly TPHAOERL (nee-r-l)
natural TPHAURL (nau-r-l) with the AU
naturally TPHA*URL (nau-r-l) with an * and the AU
naturalize TPHAURLZ (nau-r-lz) with a Z and the AU
nervous TPH*FS (n-v-s)
tractor TRARBGT (tra-r-k-t)
trailer TRAEURL (tray-r-l)
nowhere TPHOER (noe-r)
nowhere else TPHOERLS (noe-r-ls)
anywhere TPHEUR (ni-r)
anywhere else TPHEURLS (ni-r-ls)
negative TPH*EFG (nev-g)
narrate TPHAEURT (nay-r-t)
narrative TPHA*EUFRT (nayv-r-t)
level HR*EFL (lev-l)
levity HR*EFT (lev-t)
conceive SKAO*EF (skeev)
conceivable SKAO*EFBL (skeevbl)
deliver TKHR*EUFR (d-liv-r)
delivery TKHRA*EUFR (d-layv-r)
receive SAO*EF (seev)
receiver SAO*EFR (seevr)
receivable SAO*EFBL (seevbl)
recover RO*FR (rovr)
recovery RO*EUFR (royvr)
relevant R*EFLT (revlt)
relevance R*EFLS (revls)
remove RAO*UF (roov)
service S*FS (s-v-s)
several S*EFRL (sev-r-l)
severance S*EFRPBS (sev-r-ns)
severe SWAOER (swee-r)
severely SWAOERL (swee-r-l)
severity SWAOERT (swee-r-t)
slave SHRA*EUF (slave)
slavery SHRA*EFR (sla-ev-r)
sovereign SO*FRPB (sov-rn)
sovereignty SO*FRPBT (sov-rnt)
Created by: ethan182