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standard STAD
Steady STED
approximate P-
positive PO
opposite OP
want -PT
wanted -PTD
wants -PTS
wanted to TO-PTD
help HEP
happen HAP
happened HAPD
happy HAEP
shut up SHUP
suspect S-P
respect R-P
support S-PT
appear AP
president P-T
presidents P-TS
surpass SPAS
associate SOET
associated SOETD
associates SOETS
approximate P-
approximated P-D
approximately P-L
populate POPT
populated POPTD
society SOEUT
societies SOEUTS
paper PAEUP (payp)
which KH-
whether WHR-
weather WHR*
where WR-
ask SK-
request KW-
consider K-R
considered K-RD
considerate K-RT
consult SKULT
contract KR-T
contracts KR-TS
corporate KORPT
corrupt KRUPT
corrupts KRUPTS
corrupted KRUPTD
harass HARS
story STOEUR
committee K*E
copy KOEUP
although ALT
ago AG
company K-P
companies K-PZ
though THOE
oppose OPZ
assist ASZ
persist -PSZ
ahead HAED
helps HEPZ
hospital HOPT
hospitals HOPTS
hospitalize HOPZ
it happen T-P
it happened T-PD
to the TOT
at that time TAT
at this time TEUT
at the present time TEPT
at the time TET
with the W-T
to do TOD
as well SW-L
as well as SW-LZ
would WAO
could KAO
should SHAO
willful HR-FL
willfully HR*FL
willingly HR-LG
will you go ahead HRUGD
will you spell HRUPS
will you please HRUPZ
will you see HRUZ
will you tell HRUT
will you tell us HRUTS
proceed PROE
proceeds PROEZ
proceeded PROED
proceeding PROEG
process PROSZ
practice PRA
practiced PRAD
practicing PRAG
practices PRAZ
account -BGT
accounts -BGTS
accounted -BGTD
accountant K-BGT
traffic TREUFBG
awake WA*EBG
progress PROG
progresses PROGZ
progressed PROGD
professor PROEFR
professors PROEFRZ
professional PROEFL
proffer PROFR
proffers PROFRZ
very SRE
value SRAUL
valuing SRAULG
valued SRAULD
valuable SRAUBL
valuables SRAUBLZ
valid SRALD
variable SRAEURBL
variety SRAERT
various SRAEURS
varies SRAEURZ
serious SAOERS
series SAOERZ
varying SRAEURG
vehicle SRAOEBG
vehicles SRAOEBGZ
verdict SRERD
verdicts SRERDZ
verify SRAEUF
verifies SRAEUFZ
verified SRAEUFD
verifying SRAEUFG
after AF
after the AFT
affirm AFR
affirmed AFRD
afterwards AFDZ
court reporter KROERT
report RORT
reporter ROERT
accept SEP
from TPR
possible POBL
possibly POEBL
probable PROBL
probably PROEBL
possibility POBLT
probability PROBLT
concept SKEPT
concepts SKEPTS
conduct KUBGT
conducts KUBGTS
february TPEB
follow TPOL
following TPLOG
as follows STPOLZ
offer OFR
offer the OFRT
talk about TAUB
talking about TAUBDZ
educate KAET
educator KAERT
September SEPT
accepted SEPD
acceptable SEPBL
police PHREUS
police officer PHREUFR
physical TP-L
fical TP*L
frequent TPREBGT
factor TPARBGT
fracture TPRAUR
facility TPEULT
conclude K-BG
concluded K-BGD
concludes K-BGZ
history HEUFT
what else WHAELS
who else WHOELS
where else WRELS
careless KAEURLS
carelessly KA*EURLS
festival TP*EFL
forecast TPOERBG
federal TPERL
effect TPEBGT
affect TPAEBGT
fallacy TPAELS
criticize KREU
criticized KREUD
criticizes KREUZ
critical KREUL
fellow TPOEL
foal TPO*EL
accuse KAOUF
accused KAOUSD
favor TPA*EUFR
supporter S-RPT
supporters S-RPTS
water WAURT
waiter WAEURT
hitter HEURT
sweater SWERT
seller SERL
cellar S*ERL
tell us TELS
take place TAEUPS
wall street WAULS
call us KAULS
can you please KUPSZ
could you spell KAOUPS
will you please HRUPSZ
will you spell HRUPS
would you please WAOUPSZ
would you spell WAOUPS
if you please TPUPSZ
do you spell TKAOUPS
Created by: ethan182