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Unsensicalisms 12

Learn UNSENSICAL's 15 newest unsensicalisms in our 12th release edition!

place of worship for atheists which also doubles as a cooking instructional facility for master bakers in training Brettenstry
word used to describe the final ingredient, or the proverbial cherry on top, which is added to a magical potion Delvixor
the assistant to the sidekick of an evildoing villain Flantishmal
city of legend, much like the famed Atlantis, however this urban society was lost in space rather than the depths of the ocean Hargglepore
robot capable of performing semi-complicated tasks such as applying white out on errors, changing inkjet cartridges and making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Jormennormentorm
landlord of a property who specializes in rainbow revolutionary lawmaking procedures Lawlordian
device used to cut unwanted hair off the back of a loved one Rimbletavor
one who has stumbled into a great fortune of money or treasure when not expecting to Stogvelationairie
a condition where a person in a coma can be observed performing elaborate gymnastic routines Twivelvoma
the head of a family whose main occupation is importing and exporting unicorn horns Uniporschiarch
to distract an opponent in a board game by exposing one’s self – a crime punishable by law in sixty countries Vwaltentain
mulch made from walruses that is used to promote the growth of foliage in the tundra Wolrittelmorch
honorary necklace bestowed on the first born female child of Persian royalty Xrimchorm
one who makes his or her exit off the stage of a performance due to poor audience reception Yafflexitoriun
greeting practiced briefly by business professionals in the early 1990s where instead of shaking hands, two people would bump foreheads after giving each other a kiss on the nose Zantumborp
Created by: UNSENSICAL