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Unsensicalisms 9

Learn UNSENSICAL's 15 newest unsensicalisms in our 9th release edition!

Word used to describe the act of a ventriloquist’s dummy seizing control of the ventriloquist Antevelletrique
Word used to describe the adventures of children who wander the vast terrains of Siberia Chorudian
An act of pretending to bring a loved one back from the dead, parading their corpse around as if the person were still alive Ellemortation
Term used to express one's infatuation with another's hair braid Excrellentrious
Device used to capture drippings of glaze applied to ceramic art during the Argentinean winter months of summer Glisterpan
Ingredient used by Greeks when performing a séance Goobertorenstach
Term used to describe the pulsating of a star seen through a kaleidoscope Insellestric
Type of condition, much like Kidney Stones, where stone-like formations form in the upper part of the mouth causing a person to suddenly contract a Canadian accent Krysenstone
Arm movement utilized by conductors in orchestral productions in which the conductor implores his performers to play the piece in an upbeat, yet soft melody Mastrofissical
A type of nation whose borders formation construct a perfectly symmetrical shape Ovelmation
A person who needs to say four cynical statements within an hour's span while conversing with a toddler Quadicinial
Dangerous military traps which are found only in the waters of the ocean and are not unlike black holes in the universe Ruppelvortes
An unsightly creature having four legs, seven eyes, eight fingers and the inability to reproduce Uckelyorken
Synonym for the term "palindrome" Xenilelinex
Word used to describe a person who is too young to race a yacht during the winter solstice Yabblesquabish
Created by: UNSENSICAL