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Unsensicalisms 8

Learn UNSENSICAL's 15 newest unsensicalisms in our 8th release edition!

Type of rock found in the Amazon and used as currency in Switzerland Avelblorque
Last name of Frenchwoman Patricia Bellanoire who was known for her inability to spell, which has now become synonymous for people afflicted with such an inability Bellanoire
Event celebrating the breaking of one's cerebellum upon reading an illy penned book Celetorenial
Short, unsightly creature speckled with hair in a silver, checkered pattern native to Delaware Dawpak
German dessert dish well known for its ability to spontaneously combust upon consumption Fritzeltoupe
Word used to describe the sensation arising when talking to an awfully boring person whose conversation makes you feel like you are floating out of your body Helioplexic
Frenchman known for his inability to grow eyelashes and has since become the generic term for a person who is afflicted with this same phenomenon Jour Men Noon
An ugly woman who uses her laundry to scare away local children and other reptiles Londerscarian
Weapon utilized by the ancient Egyptians to combat the aliens which helped them build their pyramids Normenblaster
Term commonly used when one needs to bread one's meat while cooking a Danish Bear Husk Casserole Plausenate
Article of clothing worn over one's socks yet under one's shoes, made popular by the Austrians during the early 1900s Stemfornockins
Extinct flowering plant which was once thought to house the cure for the common cold until it, ironically, died out from cold temperatures Toupinfaulse
Method for inscribing profanities on brass bracelets, commonly gifted from one divorced partner to another on their seventeenth anniversary of separation Vinblasetron
Applause given by an audience to a juggling performer at an inappropriate time, causing the juggler to drop all the objects in his/her hand Wilenemcore
Condition arising from the consumption of raw, undercooked beans where the person suffers a temporary case of amnesia Zylobens
Created by: UNSENSICAL