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Unsensicalisms 6

Learn UNSENSICAL's 15 newest unsensicalisms in our 6th release edition!

A tiny cat native to England Bengladorf
Dinosaur 10 feet in width and 2 feet in length which was native to Pangaea Dilamamopud
A magician's deception which makes people believe one can float Elavantrick
To read aloud a folk tale in front of a crowd consisting of at least 23 people Foaquetate
Disease which causes one to initiate small-talk whist snacking on Ruffles Ibblesonmenchia
Unconventional message style offered by blind, hilltop dwellers formerly employed by Lufthansa airlines Lafforensiage
A male child who grows up and only desires to buy himself a Honda Civic Micgrohondelsen
Behavioral attitude which is regarded as inappropriate towards dolphin flippers Ocradophensile
A vessel which is without the use of its rudder Pattlegoen
A diva who loves to be in the middle of every conversation Ralcentrina
A tiny journey made by women on a yearly basis to Belgium Trekianka
A mistake made causing people to dye their hair at least three different colors Uhlfalchi
Swallowing a giant portion of food Wolpvak
Language native to the African yodelers who all perished in the Great Typhoon disaster of 1942. Yioptope
Mineral mined in Canada used for creating mascara Zorj
Created by: UNSENSICAL



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