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Unsensicalisms 5

Learn UNSENSICAL's 15 newest unsensicalisms in our 5th release edition!

A bird which has the ability to change into other animals Albatorph
Asian slang for tricking a person into saying hello Duphoi
A document or record which is missing or was never received from a sender Faxamis
Female opposition to a person in competition Gyrival
Exclamation used when one wants another person to come to a rapid stop Haeyalt
The act of gaining access to a restricted area for the purpose of gathering ants for an ant farm Invortessimate
Person who masquerades as clown by day and a mime by night Jaughler
Religious book used by an ancient tribe native to Africa during the Medieval Ages Kibrah
The allure of a hypoallergenic cat Lorphistorphe
Effect caused by a drug whose purpose is to alter the mind and the feet Opidalial
An indecisive individual who works as a subordinate for wheat manufacturers Pidulave
Female quilt mender from a small town in France Shaelorge
The speed one must generate in order to reach a destination before he leaves the previous destination Tuvimaque
A razor which is specifically designed for cutting paperclips into glitter Uvumach
Gardening tool used to remove unsightly dirt and anything with the color yellow Yaboslaker
Created by: UNSENSICAL



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