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Unsensicalisms 4

Learn UNSENSICAL's 15 newest unsensicalisms in our 4th release edition!

Paradise for cows Bultoria
An act of begging while balancing one's feet on top of two beach balls filled with lead Crawble
Praise or worship bestowed upon a tortoise who is undeserving of such praise Illvenatoric
Delicatessen found in the outer reaches of the African jungle of the Congo Mujacorbits
14th century game in which a random pseudonym is assigned to children in hopes of making them grate cheese Naimowailo
An Irish fable created by women Ophaibgia
A quick, yet passionate display of praise Quixoltation
Describing any v-neck t-shirt whose collar has emblems of roasted yams around it Raelvenek
Scientific study of how level objects can be asymmetrical Tevaltronics
Country founded in the year 2150 for the 200th anniversary of the VW bus Ulvantria
An entry barrier which is sealed with shampoo Valdore
The outer lining of any city for which their barrier is at least 10 feet in thickness Walvorumbrium
The highest promise one can make to a person Xaivow
Subway which either originates or ends up in New York City Yorkitube
Transportation system which runs at a subatomic level Zymorail
Created by: UNSENSICAL