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Unsensicalisms 3

Learn UNSENSICAL’s 15 newest unsensicalisms in our 3rd release edition!

French fashion stylist who specializes in the art of poodle grooming Aagertaschier
Disease caused when a person wears a flowered hat at high attitudes Donvorialism
A long-winded speech having to do with people living under shells in a cave Frolongulous
The proper way of describing an accomplishment stemming from an interstellar victory Gremantastical
A poisonous stinger found on bees from Antarctica Horpinstave
Solvent used in hair conditioner which gives your hair more volume and less bass Hyverstanel
A puzzling accent found on a foreigner who is not from the country of your homeland Igmanistostic
To trick someone into thinking they were really a gymnast in a previous life Jyrterpol
A type of solvent used to wipe away excess foliage in people's kitchens Krisgolvum
Type of air purifier which clears out any pollutants from tornadoes Lazvortanstol
Having to do with an excessive amount of bird scat on a regular basis Overtangulous
Describing a person who is particularly good in the art of destroying thought bubbles Prendertastical
Pies containing a particular kind of pear which bears the resemblance to a Swede Strupplemagnes
Type of skin cell which, when excessively exposed to the sun, causes the epidermis to emit a neon-orange-like glow Tanlonorrin
A type of bubble which forms on the surface of a whale's tongue after it eats a parrot Uppelventon
Created by: UNSENSICAL



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