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Unsensicalisms 2

Learn UNSENSICAL’s 15 newest unsensicalisms in our 2nd release edition!

A hostile takeover of a foreign country on a playground perpetrated by toddlers Empterfuge
Stoic and rigid Hullistancen
Applause given to a graduation class for a ceremony held in the early summer months Junveration
Exuding or protruding light from a source which is neither transparent nor opaque Lambioscedent
A type of food used to promote growth in the pituitary glad for fish Lorksankelp
To cut or tie something made of plaster around a generic tree stump Maljengorge
To bewilder or confuse by using scotch tape and a hammer Qualterguise
Confusion caused in a loud arena due to the blaring sound of trumpets Raelvenalia
An Asian cuisine served only to those who are lactose intolerant Taepwae
To poison one's food and then follow the soon to be deceased, making sure the person dies within ten minutes Tenstakerflaven
Mind-trick technique used by wizards and stockbrokers in order to gain the trust of pigeons Thyjenhawz
A Belgian night watchman who is in charge of severing ties with the local bakeries Warcherbon
One who is a master of telepathy and can communicate between humans and plants Xyllengual
The act of watering one's plants with slightly caffeinated lemonade Yuriae
A beautiful, yet deadly plant to look at during the spring in Austria Yuveneila
Created by: UNSENSICAL



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