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Unsensicalisms 10

Learn UNSENSICAL's 15 newest unsensicalisms in our 10th release edition!

Dessert indigenous to the far reaching plains of Abbleton made from local mammal hair, fish scales and tumble weeds Abblecrumbley
Ancient martial art form where one would squeeze an opponent’s spleen into submission Bruntlimorsch
The typical spot in which you would expect to find and / or discover an insect whose mass is greater than 500 kilograms Crittlernorm
Futuristic belief that all things which have evolved to this not-yet-developed point in time can all be attributed to the death of the first butterfly Dawsorianism
Word describing the orchestral practice of utilizing the trunk of an elephant as the closing note for an operetta Elphatronical
Device used to expel excess sweat and poppy seed smoke from one’s eyebrows and mustache Frantelbong
Aquatic animal found in the deepest reaches of the Pacific oceans which lives in the decayed remains of whales Granggelbotum
The official flowering plant signifying the celebration of one’s circumcision Hychihumahendra
Article of clothing glued to one's head and must be worn for a period of no less than five months in appreciation of Sandra Day O'Conner Irrensachle
Word used to describe one whose tactics to achieve a hostile takeover of a large, multination corporation are less than honest but greater than zero Ivwarialtry
A harmonizing technique perfected by the ancient Antarcticans where ukuleles are banged together repeatedly to form a melodic beat Menenelellong
Little pieces of candy arranged in a shape which offends Jewish Game Hens Orsenmorts
Type of nut which is poisonous to domesticated rodents and dingdongs Smavetorns
Maker of undergarments and other related goods for storks, commonly seen during the 1500s Ullenmacher
Nurse specializing in the assistance of performing CT scans of a doctor's Y Chromosome Whyscanologist
Created by: UNSENSICAL