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questions i missed from the book

all are factors fo LE overuse syndromes in runners except-poor footwear, poor postur, change in surface, short strides, poor footwear and poor posture Shorter strides- during running may actually decrease the incidence of an over use syndrome. Overstriding may result in hamstring pull or knee pain
What is the definition of power? pwer=force*distance- it is the intensity at which a muscle is able to perform work
The preevent meal should be eating ___ to ____ hours before competition to ensure proper digestion 3-4-it takes a minimum of 3-4 hours for food to digest. fats take as long as 5 hours to leave the stomach. protiens take as long as 3 hours and barbs take approximately 2 hours to pass into the upper small intestines
all are conditions disqualifying an ath from ath competition except-renal disease, uncontrolled hypertension, acute mononucleosis, the absence of one testicle, HIV absense of one testicle
What organization sets the standards for eye protection for racquet sports? NOCSAE
Gymnast is complaning of symtoms of PMS, such as irritability, anxiety, depression and bloating, what vitamin might be helpful in alleviating these symptoms? Vitamin B6-research has shown that increasing vitamin b6 intake may increaase the synthesis of serotonin, thus decreasing the emotional disturbances related to PMS
an ath has just purchased a bike helmet and found a crack in the shell. what organization should the manufacturer of the helmet report this defect? consumer product saftey commission-its the responsibility of the manufactureers or distributors of recreational sports equipment to report any defect of potentially dangerous products
when using an icpack @home to decrease p! and swelling of an injured limg, what should the AT recommend to the ath to prevent cyrotherapy injury? it is prudent to advise the ath to place a damp towel between his or her skin and the ice pack to prevent a cryotherapy injury
when advising an ath about the proper construction of a running shoe, wwhat criteria will help prevent foot and ankle injuries? the midsould should be somewhat sofrt bu not easily flatteded w/ prssure, shoe should have good forefoot flexibility, heel counter should be strong and fit well around foot
wrestler comes to ATR inquiring about a "grug that will make his loos weight quick" he mentions a diuretic. what durg has been banned by the IOC and cuases diuresis futosemide(lasix) is a potent diuretic and is banned by the IOC
baseball player c/o reccurent ingrown toenails. what might that AT suggest to prevent this problem? it is wise to suggest to this athlete that he trim his toenails by cutting the straight across. he should do this on a weekly basis
A female should choose a sports bra that is supportive enough to precent stretching of which structure? Coopers ligaments are the suspensory ligaments of the breast and should be supported during exercise
what shoudl the AT advise his or her ath to do to minimize the negative effects of jet lag? drink adequate amount of fluids, especially, water to avoid dehydration, a good idea when traveling across time zones
What type of ath should avoid high volume high intensity plyometic exercises? those ath who weigh more than 220lbs shouldavoid high intensity high volume plyometrics because greater weight increases the compressive forces on joings during plyometric exercises, predisposing these joints to injury
how many servings of fruit should an ath hav as a minimum daily requirement? number of servings should be addressed according to the athlete's height and weight
@ secondary school level the ATS should be involved in the educational efforts involving BBP. these items should not include the education on the availabilty of herpes testing
which is not a neuraleffect of resistance training: increased motor unit activation& recruitment, increased discharge frequency of motoneurons, increased muscle capillary density, decreased neural inhibitions, increased neuromuscular efficiency increased capillary density is a morphological change that occurs during resistance training not a neural change
when is it best to have ath practice outdoors in an urban environment? Athletes who live/play in urban or industrial areas should practice in the late afternoon after rush hr when the pollution level isat its loweest point
A shoe with ____ and _____ cleats has been shown to reduce the risk of knee injuries. a shoe with shorter and more cleats is better because the foot does not become fixed to the surface and the shoe still allows controlled running and cutting
What type of stretching is not reccommended becaus of the potential for causing muscle soreness and possible injury when done over a period of time? Ballistic stretching
All are a sign/symptom of dehydration except:sudken, sooft eyes, high specific gracity of urin, weight loss, thirst, seizures seizure are not a primary sign of dehydration
explain a D2 pattern external rotation w. flexion and abduction. the extention pater includes IR w/ extension and ADD across the anterior aspect of the body
What are three ways you would not tel la throwing ath to prevent injuries miniize the effects of microtruama during training, maintaining CV and lower extremity conditioning, good comm bw the ath, at, coach and physician during training
prevention of a chronic or debilitating illness or injury though appropriate care and rehab is called wat? tetriary prevention
____ refers to the concept of dividing the annual training plan into smaller segments, phases, or cycles Peridozation is the concept of dividing the annual training plan into smaller segments, phases or cycles
When a FB player has a possibl cspine injury what do you do first:remove should pads, remove helmet, remvoe pads then helmet, put on spine board none of the above none of the above-removing the should pads and helmet or moving the ath before completely assesing the injury can cause a greater spinal injury
A player presents to you with a suspected shoulder dislocation what should you do? if the At suspects should dislocation, it is important to check the neurovascular status of the upper extremity, including the dermatomes and myotomes
Created by: jwebst1
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