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MOD 3 KeyTerms Wk4


Spindle Screw like rod to secure the matrix band.
Vise Holds ends in place in diagonal slots.
Varnish Thin layer that seals against leakage, under amalgams.
Base Thicker putty like barrier to protect pulp from chemical, thermal and mechanical irritants.
Tofflemire Prevents overhangs, Types: T-strips, pedo, contra angle, ivory, auto matrix.
Liner Thin layer on deepest part of cavity preparation to protect the pulp, barrier against chemical stimuli.
Trituration Mechanical blending of amalgam.
Amalgam A mix of metals and mercury.
Composite Tooth colored filling, (resin).
Increment Small amounts of material placed at a time.
Burnishing Smoothing and polishing restorations. (rubbing)
Articulating The act of upper and lower teeth closing together or checking the bite or occlusion.(of a restoration)
Condensing Packing material into a cavity preparation.
Overhang Excess restorative material found gingivally and interproximally.
Diastema Space between two teeth. (mostly 8 & 9)
Sealants A plastic barrier used to prevent decay in pit and fissures.
Calcium Hydroxide (Dycal) Used as a liner, promotes secondary dentin.
Guide channels Slots, the end of the retainer that hold the band.
Inner knob Adjusts the size of the band loop.
Outer knob Tightens and loosens the band.
Created by: mgarrett