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MOD 3 Wk4 Chairside2


Direct When referring to a dental restoration is when restorative material is manipulated, adapted, and placed into the cavity preparation.
Condensed This is what is done to amalgam that is placed into the cavity preparation, overfilling the preparation.
Eugenol This is what gives Zinc Oxide Eugenol it's sedative effect.
Micro-filler This gives anterior composite resins a higher polish ability than posterior composite resins.
Fillers The rock-like particles that add strength to a composite resin.
Carving An overfilled cavity preparation allows this to be done.
Moderate to deep cavity prep. This is when a liner, varnish, sealer, base, bonding agent, sedative base, or a combination will be used.
Liner,base,dentin sealer,and bonding system This is the correct sequence when laying supplementary materials for a restoration on a deep cavity preparation.
Deepest portion of cavity preparation This is where a dental liner is placed within the cavity preparation.
Dycal This is the manufacturer name for Calcium hydroxide which is a common type of dental liner.
Indirect pulp cap This is placed when there is a possibility of a pulp exposure or the potential of coming to close to the pulp.
Cavity liners This would include calcium hydroxide, glass ionomer, and zinc oxide eugenol (ZOE).
Moisture Varnish is used to protect the tooth from the damaging effects of this.
Varnishes They can be used to seal the dentin tubules.
Base Is another product placed between the liner and the permanent restoration to help protect the pulp.
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