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MOD 3 Wk4 Chairside1


Microleakage This can happen because of the expansion and contraction of dental material in a tooth.
Direct restorative material This would include amalgam, composite resins, and glass ionomers.
Filler ingredient Found in composite material, could be quartz, glass, or porcelain.
Glass ionomers Release Flouride.
ZOE w/Eugenol This is not recommended to be used with composites.
Varnish Used to seal the tooth from moisture since amalgam restorations shrink once they set.
Acid-Etching If the tooth becomes contaminated with saliva, you must re-etch the tooth.
Tofflemire retainer/Universal Is used in the posterior region of the mouth on posterior teeth.
Matrix system Used for Class II, Class III, and Class IV cavity preps.
Classes of restorations There are six of these.
Cavity preparation The process of removing defective or decayed tooth structure or failing dental restorations so that enough healthy tooth structure is left to support the restoration.
Thermal property This would be the expansion and contraction of a dental restorative material within a restoration.
Solubility The measurement of how much a material will dissolve in a liquid.
Wettability The ability of a material to flow over a surface.
Amalgam A soft metal made of alloy mixed with mercury to restore teeth.
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