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Safety measures

Radiology POS 802

Asepsis the absence of pathogens or disease causing microoganisms
disinfect to inhibit or destroy disease-causing microoganisms through use of a chemical or physical procedure
disinfection the act of disinfecting
incident exposure a specific incident involving contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials that results from procedures by the dental professional
occupational exposure contact with blood or other infectious materials involving the skin, eye, or mucous membranes that results from procedures performed by the dental professional
parenteral exposure contact with blood or other infectious materials that results from piercing or puncturing the skin
pathogen a microoganism capable of causing disease
risk management policies and procedures that should be followed by the dental radiographer to reduce the chances that legal action be filed against them
cumulative effects the additive effects of repeated radiation exposure
Maximum Permissible Dose maximum accumulated dose that may be received by a person occupationally exposed to radiation
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