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Chairside 2 MOD 3


Verbal communication During a procedure the dentist informs the dental assistant as to what instrument is to be used next by speaking.
Changing positions often/stretching when possible This could be done by the dental assistant if there is shoulder pain being experienced during a long procedure.
Proper dental chair movement Twist the seat of the stool to the right or left to reach behind you.
Topics of conversation Talking about the weather, patient's concerns about related treatment, and news headlines, can be talked about when seating a patient to be come more aquainted.
Three roles of a dental assistant Providing technical assistance to the dentist, addressing the patient's anxiety and assisting with ensuring patient comfort, and educating the patient and his family.
Air compressor Usually kept away from the main area of the office because of size, and noise.
High volume evacuation Stronger and wider than the smaller saliva ejectors,intended to remove debris such as old restorative material, pieces of tooth, and fluids.
Operators chair The base should provide easy mobility and have four or five casters, to prevent tipping.
Operating light Provides a bright light necessary to be able to see into the oral cavity during a procedure.
Dental unit Consists of handpieces, air-water syringes, saliva ejector, HVE, ultrasonic scalers, and other Dr preference options.
Dental Handpieces Aids the dentist in tooth preparation and the removal of dental decay.
Rheostat Foot-controlled or pedal device that operates and controls the dental handpieces.
Ultrasonic scalers Used during dental cleanings, produces a vibrating action that rimoves hard deposits such as calculus and other debris from the teeth.
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