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wwwb 10

Most miserable; wretched abject
1. To plead in favor of; to defend advocate
2. One who argues for or defends a person, group, or idea advocate
An act of great cruelty and wickedness atrocity
1. Very brutal, wicked, or cruel atrocious
2. Appallingly bad; outrageous atrocious
To serve as a memorial; to remember in a solemn manner commemorate
A form or language spoken in a certain geographical region that has its own grammer, pronunciation, and vocabulary dialect
Having terrible consequences; urgent or desperate dire
1. A group that enjoys superior status to others elite
2. Considered superior to others elite
To make greater or better enhance
Clearly offensive or bad; conspiscuously acting against what is right flagrant
To lose hope, strentgh, or vitality because of neglect or bad conditions languish
1. To soften or tone down the sound of mute
2. Not speaking or not able ot speak; silent mute
To level to the ground; to destroy completely raze
A retaliation for an injury reprisal
A state of confusion or agitation; tumult turmoil
1. To bring about or inflict wreak
2. To express or vent wreak
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