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cla level 7

共同利益 gòngtóng lìyì common interests
合作 hézuò cooperate, collaborate; cooperation, collaboration
同时 tóngshí at the same time; simultaneously; moreover, furthermore
分歧 fēnqí difference, divergence (of ideas or opinions), dispute
生来 shēnglái since childhood
平等 píngděng equal; equality
言论自由 yánlùn zìyóu freedom of speech (or expression)
权利 quánlì a right (in contrast to yìwù 義務/义务 "a duty, obligation")
表达 biǎodá express (feelings, ideas)
批评 pīpíng criticize; criticism
甚至 shènzhì even, go so far as to
集会 jíhuì assembly, rally
结社 jiéshè organize an association
抗议 kàngyì protest
示威 shìwēi demonstrate; demonstration; show of force
基本 jīběn basic, elementary, fundamental; main, basic, essential; mainly, basically, essentially, on the whole
除此之外 chúcǐzhīwài except for this
宗教 zōngjiào religion
信仰 xìnyǎng faith, belief, creed, conviction; believe in (a religion)
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