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TCLEOSE - Health & Welness ***Not Official TCLEOSE Study Guide***

Condition of the Body enabling an individual's use of their body in activities requiring Strength, muscular endurance, Cardio endurance, flexibility, coordination, power, balance, speed, & accuracy, w/out undue experience of fatigue & exhaustion is ? Physical Fitness.
Genuine Health or wellness isn't just abscence of disease or infirmity, it's a state of positive well being inducing physical, mental, spiritual & socio-emotional dimensions of life. Total Well-being translates into the practive of____? positive lifestyle and good health habits.
The Health related components are more important to wellness and quality of life than are the skill-related components linked to _____ performance. Motor.
Fitness--The condition of the body that enables an individual to use their body in activities requiring strength, muscular endurance, cardio endurance, flexibility, coordination, agility, power, balance, speed, & accuracy, without _____? undo experience of fatigue and exhaustion.
The health-related components are more important to well-being and quality of life than the ____ components? Skill Related.
______ is the condition of the human oranism that consists of its health & disease status and risk potential. Wellness.
In addition to Cardiovascular problems and the peptic ulcer, which of the following is one of the primary physical disablers for law enforcement officers? Lower Back Injury.
Addiction to alcoholic Beverages can result in physiological influences on the body, including, but not limited to____? Raised Triglycerol level in the blood.
Cardiovascular problems are____? Generated from strain on the heart and circulatory system that is beyond the body's physical capacity to cope.
The best way to avoid lower back injury is? To keep the back straight and lift objects with the legs, providing the object is not too heavy for one person.
What conditions contributes to the creation of stomach ulcers? Irregular eating patterns, Hurried meals, that don't permit adequate digestion, Smoking, Drinking Alcoholic beverages heavily.
What is a recommended treatment for peptic ulcer Get sufficient rest!!!
Wellness ranges from optimum health to ____? Death.
What is a physiological effect of prolonged consumption of alcoholic beverages? Cirrhosis of the Liver.
Which one is false? Avoiding risks of smoking is worth it. When smokers quit, chance of tobacco related disease diminish/yr. There is no safe cigarette. Chewing tobacco's less harmful vs smoking. choosing to abstain may well be a life or death decision Chewing Tobacco is less harmful than smoking.
Personal Survival begins with___? a program of physical conditioning.
Heavy drinking (alcohol) may cause low blood surgar and lead to ___? Hypoglycemia
Essentials of a good exercise program must be designed to improve cardiovascular conditioning. which of the following doesn't improve the heart/lungs: swimming, weight lifting, Jogging, Athletic exercise, Warmup exercise stretching muscles before jogging? warm-up exercise that stretches muscles before Jogging.
A warm-up exercise program should last about____ minutes? 15
Which of the following contributes to lower back pain, especially in women: Sleeping on a firm mattress, High Heeled shoes, wearing a Seat-belt or lifting objects using the legs while keeping the back straight. High Heeled Shoes.
In addition to fiber, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, which of the following is needed to constitute a healthy diet: Saturated fats, Fats found in Chicken Skin, Proteins, Alcoholic beverages? Proteins.
A Calorie is____? A measurement of Energy.
Cholesterol is a steroid chemical that ____? Contributes to hardening of the arteries and is found in saturated fats.
Which of the following foods contains the least amount of cholesterol: Vegetable Oils, Milk, Butter, Cheese or Animal meats such as beef & pork? Vegetable Oils.
What are some conditions is associated with obesity? High Blood Pressure, Lower Back Injury, Ulcers and Stroke & Coronary Artery Disease.
Losing weight permanently is the result of a well-balanced diet and ____? physical activity that uses up more calories than are ingested.
A person who is under 30years old and in excellent condition should be able to compete ____ miles in a 12 minute run. 1.75-2.0
A personal self evaluation should involve measuring the relationship of workload to heart rate. This evaluation icludes the functional heart rate at rest and ____ Optimum heart rate during exercise.
what are some methods to ensure a healthy life? Eat regular, well balanced meals avoiding obesity. Avoid smoking & harmful effects of alcohol. Institute a daily exercise routine that improves circulation, strength, and flexibility. Keep mentally fit & avoid harmful stress.
What is the most dificult emotion to control? Anger.
An intense paralyzing fear of something in the absence of any real danger is called____? a Phobia
Physiological manifestations of stress include ____? Dilated pupils, rapid heartbeat and increased blood pressure.
One of the most popular and successful means of releiveing stress is ____? Physical Activity.
The first step in correcting irrational thinking is to? Recognize it when it occurs.
Experienceing many conflicting feelings is? Common.
If stress tension comes from a relationship with a person, you should ____? Talk out your differences.
The most common cause of stress is? Conflicts among people.
People are most likely to become angry when they____? Tired and Hungry.
Helpful hints for dealing with stress include? Taking care of your body, realizing your limitations and dealing with the causes of stress.
The quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger with self-confidence is? Moral Courage.
Generally Speaking, trauma can be so overwhelming for most people that it may cause a person to ____? Regress to a childlike state.
what is NOT true regarding recovery from immediate trauma? That every trauma victim requires formal counseling.
Many Victims continue re-experiencing crisis reactions over long periods of time. Such reactions are normally in response to "trigger events" reminding the victim of the trauma. what are and aren't a trigger evnts? Are Triggers: Identification of assailant, anniversaries of the event, media articles about a similar event. AREN'T: Reconstruction of equilibrium, d. proximity of holidays or significant "life events."
The intensity of long-term stress reactions usually ____over time, as does the frequency of the re-experience crisis? decreases.
What are and aren't some stress reduction techniques? ARE: Don't hold things inside-discuss feelings with others. Use relaxation techniquesand get necessary sleep & rest. Avoid Smoking & alcohol. AREN'T: Limit your friends to a close network of police-friends.
A common experience of officers who use deadly force is viewing the event in____? Slow Motion.
The normal human response to trauma folows a similar pattern called the Crisis Reaction.
The physical response to trauma is based on our animal instincts. It includes____? Physical shock, disorientation & numbness: "Frozen fright". Fight or Flight reaction and Exhaustion.
The ripple effect of adverse stress affects_____ Family members, other peace officers and the public with whom an officer serves.
In a fight or flight stress situation, a person becomes Exhausted.
The normal response to stress is? Fight or Flight.
The normal human response to crisis reaction is frozen fright.
Long term stress or crisis reactions may increase/decrease by actions of others. When reactions increase, the actions of others are called secondary assault & the feelings are described as a second injury. what aR some sources of secondary victimization? The Criminal justice System. The Media, Family, friends or acquaintances and clergy etc.
When handling a crisis intervention situations, an officer should do all of the following except? should: actively listen to what the victim is saying, be sensitive to the victims feelings, be aware of personal biases, be professional. DON'T: Tell survivor "It's Gods will" or "He's with God now and at peace etc..."
What are the 5 phases of transition that people who experience traumatic events typically go through? Denial, Anger, bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.
Eustress is? Good or positive stress
Of the studies that have been done on law enforcement people, most suggest that alcohol and drug use is____ frequent compared to the General population. More!!!
What is the single most important mineral for the body? WATER!!!
Created by: wagner.jeff.m
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