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Panoramic x-rays

Radiology POS 817

Panoramic film shows a wide view of the upper and lower jaws
rotation center in panoramic radiography, the axis on which the film and x-ray tubehead rotate around the patient
panoramic radiography is an extraoral radiographic technique that is used to examine the upper and lower jaws on a single film
intensifying screen device that converts x-ray energy into visible light, the light in turn exposes the screen film
cephalostat In extraoral radiography, a device used to position and stabilize the film and the patient's head.
extraoral radiography a radiographic inspection of large areas of the skull or jaws using film placed outside the mouth.
grid a device used to prevent scatter radiation from reaching the film during exposure.
cassette a light tight device used in extraoral radiology to hold film and intensify screens
focal trough 3 dimentional curved zone showing well defined structures
Frankfort plane imaginary plane that intersects the rim of the eye and opening of the ear
midsaggital plane imaginary line passing through the center of the body that divides it into right and left halves
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