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Instr/Equip Ch 24&17

Week 4 Ch. 24&17 Instr/Equip Matching

Chemical Indicators There are two types. Internal, which is placed inside the package,and External which is placed on the outside of the package.
Basic Setup This consists of the mouth mirror, explorer, and cotton pliers.
Dental Explorers Three most common designs are the pigtail, sheperds hook, and right-angle.
Heat-sensitive tape This only indicates that the sterilizer has reached the appropriate temperature.
Ultrasonic cleaner Used to loosen and removes debris by the use of sound waves in a liquid.
Holding solution The process of presoaking instruments prior to placing them in an ultasonic cleaner.
Biological monitor Spore tests (vials or strips) that contain bacterial spores, used to determine if sterilization occurred.
Time-related sterilization This is the shelf life of instruments, identified with an exact expiration date.
Non-critical Items Items that come in contact with intact skin only.
Gingival margin trimmers Modified hatchets that have working ends with opposite curvatures and bevels.
Hoes Looks like a miniature garden hoe.
Spoon excavators Double-ended instrument with a spoon or disk-shaped blade.
Chisels Used to cleave or split enamel not supported by dentin along the lines of the enamel rods, and to smooth and sharpen cavity walls.
Amalgam carriers This transports freshly prepared amalgam restorative material to the cavity preparation.
Condensers Used to pack amalgam filling material into the cavity preparation.
Burnishers Used to smooth and polish the amalgam restorations, and to remove scratches left on the amalgam surface from the carving instruments.
Carvers Used to shape, form, or cut tooth anatomy into amalgam restorations.
Created by: mgarrett