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Indonesia 2

dorong, mendorong to push
dagang trade
dalang puppeteer
dukung, mendukung to support
cetak, mencetak to mold, form or print
cipta idea, thought, creative power
cukur shave, razor
contoh example, sample
cerita story
campur blended, mixed
cermin mirror
coba to try/make an attempt
cari, mencari to look/seek/hunt
canda joke
cinta love
copet pickpocket
curang to cheat/deceive
curi to steal
bakar, membakar to burn
bentuk form, shape
cepat fast
batal cancelled
batas limits, restriction
belok to turn
berangkat to leave
belakang back, behind
bahas to discuss
banjir flood
beban burden or weight
bintang star (star in the sky)
budaya culture, practice
biasa normal
bocor to leak
bukti proof, evidence
bijaksana astute, wise
bunuh, membunuh to kill
beli, membeli to buy
bayar, membayar to pay
buat, membuat to create
biaya expense, cost
boros wasteful, extravagant
belanja to go shopping
gambar drawing, picture
gendong, menggendong to carry or cradle
gemar like
gejala symptom
gelar title, degree
guna purpose, use
guru teacher
garis line
gerap, menggarap to work on, to do
gembira happy
goreng, menggoreng to fry
gaul, bergaul to associate/socialize with
ganti, mengganti to change/subsitute
gali to dig
gerak movement
dampak to affect/influence
darat land
dekat close
dana funds
daftar list
dengar to hear
duduk to sit
diri, berdiri to stand up
daerah district, region, area
dingin cold
setiap every
minggu week
pasat party
pemimpin leader
adalah is
dengan with
membantu help
bangun wake up
pada at
lihat look
sampah trash
membuang thow away like trash
karena because
basah wet
yang which
dalam in (Not location)
kalimatnya sentence
menulis write
beda difference
bekerja to work
memberitahu to inform (from person only)
tentang about
menginformasikan to give information (from person and object)
dari of or from
membangun to build
perencana kota town planner
membangun membangun
Bangunan Building
bentuk form
rusak broken
benyak lot
menonton to watch ( like a movie)
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