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Evaluate for quality

Radiography POS 814

elongated images on a dental radiograph, images of the teeth that appear long and distorted
forshortened images images of the teeth that appear short with blunted roots
focal trough a 3 dimensional curved zone or image layer in which structures are reasonably well defined
Frankfort plane the imaginary plan that intersects the orbital rim of the eye and the opening of the ear.
ghost image an artifact on a dental radiograph produced when an area of high density is penetrated twice by the x-ray beam and appears radiopaque. Ex earings
herringbone pattern an image on a dental radiograph that has been placed in the mouth backward and exposed
phalangioma error- resulting from the patients finger being placed in front of the film
cone cut clear unexposed area on a dental radiograph that occurs when the position indicating device is misaligned and the x-ray beam is not centered on the film.
distortion a geometric characteristic that refers to a variation in the true size and shape of the object being radiographed.
penumbra the unsharpness, or blurring that surrounds the edges of a radiographic image
quality assurance special procedures used to ensure the production of high-quality, diagnostic radiographs.
radiographic interpretation explanation of what is viewed on a dental radiograph; the ability to read what is revealed by a dental radiograph
stepwedge a device constructed to demonstrate film densities and contrast scales
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