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Latin II Mass Vocab.

Latin 2 Vocab. mass studystack

Latin . . .. . . to English
carmen, carminis, n.-- poem, song
cibus, i, m.-- food
flumen, fluminis, n.-- river
iocus, i, m.-- joke
iuventus, iuventutis, f.-- youth
mens, mentis, f.-- mind, spirit
vinum, i, n.-- wine
virtus, virtutis, f.-- virtue, courage
vitium, i, n.-- vice
proximus, a, um-- nearest
vehemens,vehementis-- violent, vehement
vetus, veteris-- old
dulcis, dulce-- sweet
immemor, immemoris(+ genitive)-- forgetful of
levis, leve-- light
bibo, ere, bibi-- to drink
oro, are, avi, atum-- to ask, entreat
placeo, ere, placui, placitum(+ dative)-- to please, be agreeable to somebody
ne-- that not, not to
ut-- that, to
excertitus, m. army
heres, heredis, m./f. heir
imperium,i,n. rule, power, empire
inopia,ae, f. want, helplessness
nemo, m. no one
fidelis, fidele faithful, loyal
secundus, a, um second
tertius, a, um third
tristis, triste sad
decipio, ere, decepi, deceptum to deceive
diligo, ere, dilexi, dilectum to esteem highly, love
laudo, are, avi, atum to praise
restituo, ere, restitui, restitutum to restore
necesse est + dat. + inf. it is necesary for someone to do something
paulo a little bit, to a small extent
quam than (w/out comparative words)
quantum how much, to what extent
satis enough, sufficiently
vehementer vehemently, strongly
consilium, i, n. advice
gens, gentis, f. tribe, population
incola, ae, m. inhabitant
insula, ae, f. island
meridies, meridiei, m. south, midday
mos, moris, m. custom, habit, pl. morals
mundus, i, m. world
ortus, m. origin, beginning, rising
ortus solis east
piscis, m. fish
sol, solis, m. sun
septentrionalis, septentrionale northern
situs, a, um situated, located
aspicio, ere, aspexi, aspectum to look at, catch a glimpse of
gigno, ere, genui, genitum to produce, give birth
invenio, ire, inveni, inventum to come upon, find
occupo, are, avi, atum to occupy
promitto, ere, promisi, promissum to promise
ne negative particle w/ the subjunctive
procul far, far away
utinam I wish that, if only(a particle of wishing) both...and...
annus, i, m. year
argentum, i, n. silver
aurum, i, n. gold
eques, equitis, m. horseman
finis, m. end
lis, litis, f. dispute, quarrel
odium, i, n. hatred
vestis, f. clothes, attire
vox, vocis, f. voice
vultus, m. face
altus, a, um tall, deep
brevis, breve short
clarus, a, um clear, distinguished
gravis, grave heavy, serious
gero, ere, gessi, gestum to wear
sino, ere, sivi, situm + acc. + infin. to allow somebody to do something
valeo, ere, valui to be in good health
interdum sometimes
mane in the morning
ut as
vel or
odio habeo + acc. I hate somebody
coniunx, coniugis, m./f. spouse
discipula,ae, f. student(female)
dominus, i, m. master, lord
fama, ae, f. fame, name, reputation
frater, fratris, m. brother
magister, magistri, m. teacher(male)
matrimonium, i, n. marriage
salus, salutis, f. health, welfare
improbus, a, um bad, wicked
disco, ere, didici to learn
iungo, ere, iunxi, iunctum to join
pario, ere, peperi, partum to give birth to
perdo, ere, perdidi, perditum to lose, waste
scribo, ere, scripsi, scriptum to write
nusquam nowhere
at but
ne + subjunctive in order not to, lest... should
ut + subjunctive in order to, so that
salutem dico + dat. I greet (a customary way to begin a letter)
uxorem duco to marry(a woman), take as wife
agmen, agminis, n. marching column
pons, pontis, m. bridge
porta, -ae, f. gate
victor, victoris, m. victor
ingens, ingentis huge
ligneus, a, um made of wood
quantus, a, um how much, how great
tutus, a, um safe
vacuus, a, um + abl. empty of
aperio, ire, aperui, apertum to open
coepi, coepisse, coeptum + infin. to begin
defendo, ere, defendi, defensum to defend
edo, ere, edidi, editum to produce, give forth
furo, ere, furui to rage, be insane
invado, ere, invasi to burst in
parco, ere, peperci + dat. to spare (somebody or something)
resisto, ere, restiti + dat. to resist (somebody or something)
recipio, ere, recepi, receptum to receive
me recepio "I retreat."
valeo, ere, valui + infin. to be able; to be in good health
primo at first
quam how(in indirect questions + exclamations)
simul simultaneously
extra + acc. outside of neither
utinam if only; (may precede a wish in the subjunctive).
utinam ne negative of "utinam"
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