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Unit 7:4

Skeletal system (updated)

The shaft of long bones is called the diaphysis
The material in bones that produces red blood cells, platelets, and some white blood cells is the red marrow
The membrane that lines the medullary canal is the endosteum
Spaces, or “soft spots,” in the cranium that allow for the enlargement of the skull as brain growth occurs are called fontanels
Areas where the cranial bones have joined together are sutures
The first seven pairs of ribs are called true ribs
Areas where two or more bones join together are joints
An inflammation of small, fluid-filled sacs surrounding the joints is bursitis
A bone break that pierces or ruptures through the skin is a compound fracture
A side-to-side or lateral curvature of the spine is scoliosis
On the dorsal surface of the body, floating ribs attach to thoracic vertebrae
A freely movable joint such as the shoulder or hip is a diarthosis
A fracture caused when bone fragments or splinters into more than two pieces is called: comminuted
What is the function of intervertebral disks? act as shock absorbers and permit bending and twisting movements of the vertebral column
Treatments for osteoporosis increased intake of calcium and vitamin D, medications to increase bone mass, exercise, estrogen replacement
Ruptures or protrudes out of place and causes pressure on the spinal nerve. Ruptured disk
Bones surround vital organs to protect them.
Bones store most of the calcium supply of the body.
The periosteum is necessary for bone growth, repair, and nutrition.
Openings in a bone that allow nerves and blood vessels to enter or leave the bone: Foramina
The ulna has a projection, the olecranon process, that forms the elbow.
Each os coxae has three regions called the ilium, ischium, and pubis.
A metabolic disorder caused by a hormone deficiency. Osteoporosis
The production of blood cells is called: Hemopoiesis, or hematopoiesis,
How many phalanges in the human body. 28
Functions of the bones: 1.framework, 2. protection, 3. levers to provide movement, 4. production of blood cells, 5. storage
The main groups of bones that form the axial skeleton are: 1. skull (cranium and facial bones), 2. spinal column or vertebrae, 3. ribs, 4.sternum
The function of intervertebral disks act as: absorbers and permit bending and twisting movements of the vertebral column
Involves positioning the bone in correct alignment, usually with traction, and applying a cast or splint closed reduction
Involves surgical repair of the bone open reduction
Treatments for osteoporosis 1. increased intake of calcium and vitamin D, 2. medications to increase bone mass, 3. exercise, 4. estrogen replacement
An intervertebral disk that ruptures or protrudes out of place and causes pressure on the spinal nerve is called a ruptured disk
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