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Somo La Ishirini

Chapter 20 Swahili

-cheza play
daktari/ma- doctor
dawa medicine
fulani so-and-so, certain; used when the name of a person is unknown.
homa fever,malaria (N-)
jambo/mambo matter, thing, affair
lazima necessity, obligation
mpira/mi ball
-piga hit
-piga sindano give injection (lit. hit needle)
-pima measure,examine
pole slowly, gently, softly, quietly (often reduplicated polepole); also used as expression of empathy or sympathy.
sindano needle
ugonjwa/ma- sickness (cf. mgonjwa/wa- 'sick person')
-cheka laugh
ghafula suddenly (also kwa ghafula)
hadithi story (N-)
hamu desire (N-)
hivyo those things referred to, such things
-ishia finish up (cf. kwisha 'to finish')
kobe tortoise (N- animate)
-kubali agree, accept
kuliko more than
lo! more than
-maliza finish
mashindano competition (cf. -shindana 'compete')
mbio speed;race
mjanja/wa- clever person
mwendo/mi- way, manner of going,pace
-ona lo be surprised, be astonished (lit. see, feel astonishment)
-pita pass
polepole slowly slowly
-pumzika rest
samahani pardon me, excuse me, forgive me
-shinda overcome, conquer, win, surpass, pass (an exam),etc.
-shindana compete with one another, compete
-sikia hear
-sikiliza listen
sungura hare
-tangulia go first
taratibu order, orderliness, care, carefulness
usingizi sleep (noun; often used fater the berb -lala 'sleep')
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