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Chpt.11,12,&18 MOD 1


Pathogenic/disease producing microorganisms Microorganisms that pose a threat to human health and other living organisms.
Antibiotics Useful on bacterial infections but useless against viruses.
Exposure to blood Can be a risk for tansmission of hepatitis B and C in any situation.
Reducing the number of microorganisms This can be done by the use of rubber dam and proper use of the HVE during dental procedures.
Droplet Contamination This can occur even with the proper use of the HVE.
Hepatitis B Vaccination OSHA requires that employers make this available to all employees who have potential contact with blood or other infectious material within 10 days of assignment.
Dental Assistant May decline to receive the hepatitis B Vaccine.
Health Care Worker OSHA provides guidelines and rules put into place primarily to protect these individuals.
OSHA Stands for Occupational Safety and Health Standards.
MSDS Is a written document that provides comprehensive information about a single chemical.
EPA The agency that issues regulations to protect human and environmental health.
General waste, inregulated Items such as paper towels, plastic cups, patient bibs, and disinfectant wipes.
Contaminated waste Would be regulated waste that is potentially infectious and/or sharp.
Microbiology Is the branch of science concerned with the study of living organisms too small to be seen with the naked eye.
20 minutes The time a bacterium can divide under ideal conditions.
Herpes Simplex I Occurs in mucous membranes of the mouth and lip.
Herpes Simplex II Is transmitted through sexual contact.
Dental Plaque/Dental Biofilm Can reach the thickness of 300-500 cells on the surface of the teeth.`
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