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Akkadian Lesson 15

šapārum išpur, išappar to send (a person), to send word, send a message, report, to write, to command, give orders, to administer, govern; rarely: to convey goods
warādum urid, urrad to descend, go/come down
waṣābum uṣib, uṣṣab to add, increase, enlarge, to pay as interest
abullum fem; b:abul; suf: abulla-; pl: abullātum; ABUL city gate, entrance gate
eleppum fem; suf: eleppa-; pl: eleppētum, gišMÁ ship, boat
erṣetum b: erṣet; pl: erṣētum, KI earth, land, district, area, ground, earth, the nether world
ṣibtum b: ṣibat; pl: ṣibātum, MÁŠ interest
elûm elī-; fem: elītum upper
pānûm pānī-; fem: pānītum earlier, former, previous, earliest, first
kīam thus, in this manner
umma as follows (introducing direct quotations)
-mi indicates that the clause of the word to which it is suffixed is part of a direct quotation
Enlil dENLIL Enlil: one of the head gods of the Mesopotamian pantheon
madādum imdud, imaddad to measure (out), pay (in a measured amount)
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