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Vocab. Unit 3

articulate (verb) to pronounce distinctly and carefully: enunciate
credence (noun) acceptance as true or valid; belief; trustworthiness
decry (verb) to disparage or belittle openly; to censure
derogatory (adj.) detracting or disparaging
distraught (adj.) anxious or agitated; harried or worried
eulogy (noun) a public speech or written tribute extolling the virtues or achievements of a person, especially one who is deceased
exhume (verb) to bring to light or uncover; to disinter
feckless (adj.) lacking purpose or vitality; feeble or ineffective
intractable (adj.) difficult to manage or govern, stubborn
nefarious (adj.) evil, famous
piquant (adj.) pleasantly pungent in taste or odor; spicy
primordial (adj.) being or happening first in sequence or time; original
propinquity (n.) nearness; proximity
unwonted (adj.) not habitual or ordinary; unusual
utopian (adj.) excellent or ideal but existing only in visionary or impractical thought or theory
verbiage (n.) wordiness; tending to use excess words
verdant (adj.) green with vegetation
viscous (adj.) having a high resistance to flow
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